Create a custom warm up for singing

Do you feel like you don’t really know how to warm up your voice to sing and so you generally skip a warm up? Like, you know you should probably do something, like some hums or sirens, but you’re not sure what to do? You know your singing practice goes better when you are warmed up first, but you don’t know how to do it by yourself? Let me help! […]

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Building Singing Confidence

Confidence is a tricky thing. Confidence doesn’t come easily to everyone and certainly isn’t something that can just spring up inside you overnight. Building confidence, whether in yourself, your singing, or in other domains, takes time, patience, and effort.

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Trust Your Gut When It Comes To Singing

Do you trust your gut when it comes to your singing? (Let’s focus on singing here, so it doesn’t get too existential!) Ask yourself what feels good for your voice and what doesn’t. Do you know what you enjoy, and what you don’t when it comes to singing? Do you listen to yourself sing, and know what is working for you, and what isn’t?⠀

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Covid19 and Singing

COVID-19 and Singing Risk Assessment Guide

COVID-19 and Singing Factors to consider when assessing the risk of in-person singing in the time of COVID-19 I believe strongly in people being able to make their own choices. Personally, for my studio, we aren’t singing in person. This is because the risk level is too high for me and my business, personally, based on the evidence, and the current situation where I live. Singing in person isn’t high […]

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Georgia Gray singing at my own wedding

Singing at My Own Wedding

Singing at my own wedding Overcoming my own obstacles to be able to sing to my husband at our wedding I never thought I’d be singing at my own wedding. When people asked me about it, I always said “Oh no, that’s too much pressure! I’d prefer to not be in performance mode on my own wedding day.” I had every excuse in the book as to why it wasn’t […]

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Struggling to sing reconnect with your voice

Reconnect With Your Voice

How to reconnect with your singing voice Do you need to reconnect with your voice? Everyone has times when they are feeling a bit down with their singing. Maybe even to the point where you’ve stopped singing entirely. Sometimes that’s because of external factors (like a pandemic!) out of our control. Sometimes it’s directly related to a singing experience, perhaps something that resulted in a loss of confidence (like an […]

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Singing in a shared space

Singing in a Shared Space

Singing while in a shared space: How to not drive your household and neighbours crazy during lockdown Are you in lockdown, stuck at home with your loved ones, and wishing you could sing more? When you’re used to being able to sing by yourself, it can be quite hard to transition to singing in a shared space. Many of us prefer to rehearse while we’re home alone, or even in […]

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