The Voice Studio: Your Voice, Your Self

Can I tell you a secret? Your voice already knows how to sing.

Let’s be clear though, it’s not your fault that you’re struggling.
Singing myths, vague instructions, a society-wide disconnect from our bodies in our sedentary lives…these are all things that have played in to where you are today.
Frustrated – embarrassed – ashamed – stuck. I’ve been there myself, and I’ve worked with dozens of singers who started there too. You are not alone.
Add on top of that, our voice is where we hold our emotions. So that time someone told you you couldn’t sing? (They’re wrong). That (very normal) frustration you feel every time you try and fail to sing that note? That embarrassment from that time someone overhead you crack? (Nothing to be ashamed of). Those emotional memories are sitting in your way too.

Together we will find how to connect back to your inner voice, go around, over and under all those obstacles above, and let it do what it was made for: telling your stories and expressing your emotions.

Georgia Gray singing lessons bench

Do you want to...

Sing with confidence: Join The Voice Studio

As your voice coach, I will work with you to develop a strong understanding of your voice and how you can access it to sing the music you love. 
We will choose songs together that match your goals and interests. 
You’ll be empowered to connect with your singing voice, and gain confidence in using it. Whether that be performing on a stage, singing for yourself at home, or singing to your baby, you’ll be doing it with joy!
You’ll be spending time doing something you love, and the confidence you gain in your singing will naturally carry over to the rest of your life.
My super power is seeing you and your individual needs, so that we can pinpoint our work together AND make sure it’s doable and easy for you to implement. After 10+ years in voice education, I know that success is found in identifying and overcoming obstacles to change with patience and warmth. 
Is it time to make singing a priority in your life, to sing for YOU?

When you join The Voice Studio

Georgia Gray students Corinne self confidence
Join a community

What kind of voice studio do you want to join? Ever since I started voice coaching, it has been my goal to build a community of singers who value honesty, kindness, joy, safety and creative learning. Our mission is to sing what we love, with confidence, taking care to look after our voices and our selves. And most of all, we have a lot of fun doing it! We get to know each other through regular studio classes and performances, and you’ll love being inspired by and cheering on your fellow singers in their progress.

Come as you are

You are welcome here: no matter your age, stage, experience, taste in music, singing styles, musical backgrounds. We celebrate you for where you come from, what you believe, your abilities and disabilities, how you identify and who you love. Studio members come from all over the world, and have ranged in age from 8 to 76. We look forward to getting to know you – we’re sure you’ll fit right in.

My promise

When you join The Voice Studio, I promise to see you as a whole person, because I understand that your voice is not “just” an instrument. I understand that it’s a part of your body, your self: it’s how you express emotions, and it’s inextricably a part of who you are. I also promise that the studio will strive to be a safe space, where you can be curious, ask all your questions, explore your voice, and of course where you can make mistakes and pull silly faces. Sound good to you?

Coaching or teaching?

Our relationship is collaborative, and the motivation for my work with you is to bring out the best in you. Teaching, to me, is more about imparting knowledge than collaboration. Sometimes we do that! If you want to learn to read music, understand vocal anatomy, learn French diction, or any number of other specific knowledge sets related to singing, we can. But most of the time, the teaching is only a tiny drop in the pool of coaching. If you want a singing teacher who will teach you how to sing using their tried and tested method that they claim works for everyone…I am not the right person for you.

Ways you can be part of The Voice Studio


The heart of the Voice Studio community

We work together to build whole, confident voices, staying true to each member’s individual curiosities and needs. Our regular connection through weekly coaching sessions means that you can make progress from week to week, keeping your voice as a top priority in your life. We adapt our work to your needs, lifestyle, and learning styles – creating bespoke resources and communications that work for you.

In a nutshell:
  • Live weekly* individualised coaching sessions on Zoom
  • Video and audio messages, text support between live sessions
  • The Voice Studio Library of resources – worksheets, vocal exercises, bite-sized learning
  • Quarterly group “Studio Class”
  • Quarterly themed Karaoke/Performance Parties
  • Studio membership 12 months renewable
  • Equal monthly payments of 333€

*weekly except when it’s not – don’t worry we do take breaks!

What’s a Kea?

Kea (Nestor Notabilis) are a rare bird found only in New Zealand, in the Southern Alps. They are particularly known for their curiosity and intelligence, necessary for their survival in their challenging and ever-changing alpine habitat. Kea thrive in a community environment with other birds, and will work together to achieve a certain objective. They are social birds, whose love of new things and endless curiosity gives them a memorable reputation with tourists and locals alike.

Flying in to community and coaching

Toroa members are confident singers who want a space to connect with your singing community, perform for fun, and get some ‘top up’ or targeted coaching on a specific song. You can choose from a selection of performance/coaching packages across the year, based around the studio’s themed Karaoke/Concert Parties. We can choose the best option for your goals at your trial lesson.

In a nutshell:
  • Performance-focused coaching
  • For comfortable singers
  • Up to four themed Karaoke/Performance Parties a year*
  • Making singing a priority, sorted!
  • Come to one, several or all
  • Choose your own adventure coaching packages 
    •  1 or 2 per Karaoke Party
  • Coaching from 90€

*2024 themes: Film/TV | Musical Theatre | Disney | Christmas

What’s a Toroa?

Toroa, also known as the Albatross, are a rare bird endemic to New Zealand, often seen in the Southern Ocean. They are known for their huge wingspan, allowing them to fly thousands of kilometres away from their breeding grounds to feed. Graceful and majestic, these birds have one of the longest lifespans among bird species. They can fly away from land for long periods of time, and only return for nesting during the breeding season.

What studio members have said about our work:

"I've had half a dozen singing teachers across more than 30 years, and Georgia is the first who has not imposed upon me their own technique, but really listened to what I'm doing, and actively helped me put right what I was doing wrong. Georgia has helped me discover the extent of my range : potentially three octaves! She's given me hope at last!

Singing Student

"Georgia has a wealth of knowledge of the voice and the art of singing. And I think that she is particularly strong in finding words, illustrations and examples to bring that knowledge to life - making it understandable to and easily absorbed by the student."

Singing Student

"Georgia is a lovely person to work with, very encouraging, and she uses a lot of different techniques to work on weak spots, extend range and skills, and bolster confidence."

Singing Student

"I gained invaluable lessons in how to prepare myself to sing, how to breathe, how to approach (and therefore interpret) the songs I was preparing for an audition, and how to relax and let go, so as to give more volume. My audition went well, I was confident and a lot of it was thanks to Georgia."

Singing Student

"Having the right technique to support my voice and not strain or push has made such a difference to my vocal health. More than that, now I am able to sing things without any trouble that previously would have strained or hurt my voice."

Singing Student

In case you were wondering...

Why do I use NZ bird names in my studio, even though I'm in France?

Birds are the thing I miss the most about my homeland, so making them a feature of my studio keeps me tied to my roots. I hope that in getting to know my story and culture, you will also feel comfortable in sharing your story and your culture with me. That’s how we do things where I’m from, anyway!

I’m from Aotearoa New Zealand, and my heritage is important to me. Where I’m from, Māori (our indigenous people) believe that all living things are connected, and that we have a responsibility towards all living things. It’s a belief that I grew up with, and one I carry with me. New Zealand has many beautiful birds, and birdsong is often the soundtrack to everyday life. Below are some examples of the meanings different birds hold for me in my studio. 


Stylised line drawing of the Korimako Bellbird, in a mint green on a bright purple background. GL Voice Logo.


The GL Voice logo is a Korimako (bellbird) and a koru (fern shoot), which symbolises new growth. Korimako have what is considered one of the most beautiful birdsongs in New Zealand. The bellbird is often imitated by the Tūī, which is the bird I most associate with home, because we had a lot in the garden when I was growing up. So, it was the obvious choice to represent my work!

Two toroa (albatross) facing each other on land, looking like they are having a conversation


Toroa remind me of Dunedin. I studied Classical Voice Performance in this southern city of New Zealand, and also learned about vocal pedagogy for the first time here. While they spend a lot of time airborne, Toroa breed and nest in Dunedin, on the headland. Their colony is dearly loved and protected by the locals.

Kea student


Kea are a bird I have always loved for their strong personalities. There are two Kea in Paris, in the Jardin des Plantes menagerie. Visiting them reminds me of home - they are usually playing with rocks or solving puzzles together, while surrounded by many other parrots who are mostly interested in showing off their feathers. In short, we Kiwis (New Zealanders) are the pragmatic curious type.