Meet Georgia

Meet Georgia - Voice Coach

Georgia Aussenac is sitting at her piano in her home studio, wearing a fluffy oranger jumper and black leggings, and holding a mug of something hot.

What it’s like to work with me

If you want to sing, and you need a space where you feel safe to explore and learn. If you want to work out how the heck to sing the music you love in a way that feels good, then you’re in the right place.

My superpower is seeing you and your individual needs so that we can pinpoint our work together AND make sure it’s doable and easy for you to implement. I do this through:

  • Empowering you through education, allowing you to make informed choices as you care for your voice
  • Meeting you where you are at on any given day. This is a collaboration
  • Knowing when you need me to take charge and when you want to take the wheel
  • Guiding you to gain the confidence to be in charge
  • Helping you build a toolbox of skills, strategies, beliefs, and exercises to help you take on anything that brings you joy

“Georgia let's the students pick their own songs and works at the student's pace while still keeping in mind the student's developing voice and aspirations.”

“Georgia has helped me feel able to sing for myself, let go of the internalised conditioning I'd taken on around 'the right' way to sing and to use my voice and body in a way that feels good.”

Georgia, a white woman with blonde hair is sitting cross-legged relaxed on a park bench, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a white tshirt, her pounamu necklace, and hot pink trousers. GL Voice Singing Coach

Who am I?

Kia ora, I'm Georgia. I can’t wait to meet you!

Bonjour, Hello, Gidday…wherever you are in the world, and wherever you call home(s), I hope you will feel comfortable at GL Voice.

I’m the Voice Coach here at GL Voice  I’m obsessed with making singing feel fun and easy.

Here are a few things you should know about me:

I’m originally from Wellington, New Zealand (which you’ll hear as soon as you hear my voice, I’ve held on to my accent!), and I live in Paris, France.

I’ve been singing since before I could talk. I trained as a classical singer, because I was told I should, and I’ve spent the last decade unlearning all the shoulds and discovering the joy of singing on my own terms.

I love to perform when a song can say so much more than words. Weddings, birthdays and funerals in my life always have live singing, and helping people choose the perfect song for their life-changing moment is a specialty of mine.

I am passionate about France and all things French. I have a BA in French, and moved here after several exchanges during my studies, to be with my now husband (who is, surprise!, French).

My story

A journey of finding what it means to be a ‘singer’

In my early 20s, a teacher I really looked up to told me I didn’t have what it took to be a singer. I was devastated. I lost my voice and the joy of singing. It took a long time for me to reclaim my identity as a singer and find the confidence to own my voice again. 

It’s been a long journey. And one that helps me to bring compassion and flexibility to my students. I’d love to share more of my journey with you.

Reclaim your voice and find joy in singing

I can’t wait to get started.

“If you want honest, kind, insightful advice on how to sing better, sign up. Georgia is extremely thoughtful & knowledgeable!”

“There are plenty of teachers out there who will tell you how they do things. Georgia lets you figure out what’s best for you and in my opinion that’s way better!”

Want to get to know me better?

These are the social platforms I hang out on and post on regularly: maybe I'll see you there?

Let’s explore your voice together

Voice coaching

Joining the GL Voice Studio is so much more than booking singing lessons. Community is at the heart of our singing, and we also have so many ways we honour each other’s lives outside of singing.


Vocal SOS is for you if you’ve found yourself with a raspy ‘lost’ voice at the end of a long day or noticed yourself pushing past what is comfortable in service of ‘getting the job done’, whether that be in your singing or your speaking!


I love making the beautiful French language feel accessible and easy to navigate for professional singers and voice teachers alike. Let’s get your French diction sorted, so you can focus on your stunning singing.