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Singing in a Shared Space

How to not drive your household and neighbours crazy Do you live in an apartment, shared house, with family, or any other situation where you cannot sing freely? Are you feeling restricted or self-conscious in your singing? But not singing doesn’t feel like an option either though, if you’re like me! So what can you do?  I’ve put together some advice on singing in a shared space. I hope you […]

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Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – Review

Firstly, let me just say that I left Everybody’s Talking About Jamie BEAMING. The songs have been stuck in my head for a month. This year I’ll definitely be including some of the songs in my teaching. I am SO glad I went to this show, and I really can’t stop talking about it. (Ask my friends!)

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A Wicked Review

There’s a lot of fuss made about Wicked. It’s been a hit ever since it opened on Broadway in 2003. It has won many, many awards. So I definitely had high expectations.

I must admit, I was a bit disappointed. Controversial, I know! Let me explain why…

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Self Confidence through Singing

Corinne started lessons with me in April 2018. She has grown hugely in her self confidence both as a singer as a person through her lessons. It has been a joy to watch her become more confident and feel comfortable asserting herself and feeling free to speak up and use her voice. She has been kind enough to share her story with me to share with you! Here it is:

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Vocal Health: Advice From a Singing Teacher – Preventative Care

Vocal Health: Advice from a Singing Teacher Vocal health is a hot topic. Everyone wants to know the secrets to: not losing your voice not getting sick keeping singing while sick keeping your voice ‘in shape’ So I have decided to write a series of blog posts on the topic of vocal health, from the perspective of a singing teacher. I get asked these questions so often that it seems […]

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"8 steps to a perfect rehearsal, how to survive a full day rehearsal", glvoice.fr, white and green text on a purple background. Images surround the text, of people rehearsing on a stage, sheet music and a cup of tea, a backpack next to Lyra the cat on a desk, and a character shoe bag hanging from a door knob.

How to survive a full day rehearsal

If you’ve ever been part of a big artistic stage project, whether it be theatre, dance, choral, opera, musical theatre and everything in between, you know how long a full day rehearsal can be. I’ve done my fair share of these, and I wanted to share my tips on how best to survive them. Please comment below if you think I’ve missed any!

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