French Coaching for Singers

Are you ready to fall in love with French?

Hello, I’m Georgia Aussenac. I can’t wait to make French feel easy for you.

Does your French diction need a polish…or maybe a whole overhaul?

You’re in the right place. 

I love making this beautiful language feel accessible and easy to navigate for singers and voice professionals alike.

French is going to be your new favourite language to sing and teach. I’ve got you!

Georgia is standing in a renaissance French courtyard, wearing a white lacy top and a high waisted mustard yellow circle skirt. She's got on a navy blue backpack, and she's holding on to one of the straps.

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Bespoke Coaching Packages

Does French repertoire feel hard, scary, inaccessible?

Or are you secretly ashamed of the way you are scraping by in your French, when you have so much more confidence in other languages?

Let’s build a plan together to make French feel easy and fun!

  • Fill your gaps on the sounds of the language – yes, even the hard ones!
  • Learn ‘rules’ you can actually remember and apply
  • Understand the culture behind the language, and how to apply it to your songs
  • Learn to make informed choices about your diction, rather than feeling like you have to get it ‘perfect’
  • Use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) tool, so you can focus on diction without learning to speak the language

For teachers, I can also teach you how to teach the above.

To get started, book a discovery call, where we discuss your French needs in depth, and design a package that will get you prepared for your teaching project, performance or audition. 

Coaching Testimonial

"Georgia possesses a wealth of knowledge about French lyric diction and repertoire. She is an extremely detail-oriented teacher, but never loses sight of the bigger picture. She breaks down complex concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand. I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone who wants to refine their ability to sing well in French."

The Quick Fix

You need targeted and expert help, on a tight deadline.

You aren’t looking to deepen your knowledge of French (yet!), you just need to make sure you nail your audition song, solo performance exam or unexpected gig request.

Or perhaps as a teacher, you’re stuck on some questions a student has about some of their rep, and you’re looking for a quick and accessible consult.

Drop in coaching

Book a drop in session to get coaching on a single song, or a single problem.

Virtual consulting

WhatsApp consulting over text (using text and voice notes) for per-word pronunciation checks and IPA checks. This is perfect for performers or teachers who need some expert ears to check their French and provide quick fixes, or a consult about a translation query.

Video consulting: you send a <5 min video of you speaking/singing a song, and receive a <5 min video with feedback and corrections.


I offer both language workshops and performance workshops online, for groups of academic students, teachers or private studios.

Please get in touch so we can talk about what you’re looking for!

Workshop testimonials

“I was pleased with the feedback I received, and I learned a lot about shaping French diction and incorporating the natural legato of the language into my singing.”

“My aha! moment was finding the correct placement of my québécois-tainted [ɛ̃] vowel! I really enjoyed Georgia’s use of two cameras to display a more up-close image of the way her mouth was moving while pronouncing the more distinct vowels.”

“I loved it! It was a brand new approach and I really enjoyed how she used two cameras to give us a closer look on facial shapes. I found it interesting that many French pieces can be translated to English in a couple different ways and it was so empowering to learn that you could really make it more tailored to you and what you would say in the situation of the song.”

“I was expecting to spend much of the time on pronunciation of French and the nuances that anglophones normally struggle with, and we did, but we also covered much more information like interpretation of French poetry and style. I also really appreciated the quick overview of French phonology at the beginning so we were all on the same page and could hear the vowels and sounds outside the context of sung French.”