French Coaching for Singers

Do you need a French Coach?

Are you a Classical voice student, professional singer or singing teacher? Does French repertoire feel hard, scary, inaccessible? Or are you secretly ashamed of the way you are scraping by in your French, when you have so much more confidence in other languages? You’re in the right place. French coaching for singers this way!

Hello, I’m Georgia Aussenac. I’m so excited to get you confident in your French! 
I love making this beautiful language feel accessible and easy to navigate, using my experience as an English native speaker who has learned French in both academic and organic settings, and speaking it every day. As a singer myself, singing teacher and voice coach, I have the perfect skill set to make French your new favourite language to sing and/or teach in.

Ways I work with you

Live services

I work online on Zoom to deliver live coaching sessions. 

My specialties include:

  • The nuts and bolts of the language: the 16 different vowel sounds, the different consonants, what they feel like in your mouth, and how to navigate between them
  • A special shoutout to the pesky French Rs, and how to conquer them
  • Mastery of the nasal vowels
  • French IPA fluency
  • The cadence of French phrases, and how to implement it in music
  • The style of French chanson
  • How to listen to sung French and hear common errors
  • The differences between spoken and sung French, and common mistakes to watch out for
  • What the heck is an elision and a liaison, when do I apply them, and how
  • How to check song IPA for errors (unfortunately very common)
  • Best resources for your goals

For teachers, I can also teach you how to teach the above, based on the level and background of your students and their goals.

All coaching sessions include follow up notes, recordings/videos of any exercises we use, and you may choose to record your session too (although I only recommend this to people who know they will watch them back). 

For packages, you may contact me between sessions via WhatsApp or email for support on any questions that arise, and I can provide check ins and accountability in the ways we both know will bring you the most success.

Drop in coaching

Book a drop in session to get coaching on a single song, or a single problem.

Price: 150€/session

Bespoke Coaching Packages

If you think you need more than one session, I suggest you get in touch by email or Instagram DM so we can set up a coaching package that best suits your needs.

We would assess your priorities for learning, and design a pathway that will get you prepared for your teaching project, performance, audition or career shift. We also use this time to get a strong sense of where you are at, and how you learn best, so I can prepare effectively for our time together. 

Ready to book some sessions?

If you’re ready to book a drop in session, or you’ve already had a trial lesson and you’re all set to buy a package, this button is for you!

T’s and C’s: You may reschedule each session up to one time, as long as you do so with no less than 48 hours notice. All sessions must be delivered within 6 months of the initial purchase. Cancellations and no-shows will not be refunded. 

Virtual Services

Sometimes you need targeted and expert help, on a tight deadline. You aren’t looking to deepen your knowledge of French, you just need to make sure you nail your audition song, solo performance exam or unexpected gig request. Or perhaps as a teacher, you’re stuck on some questions a student has about some of their rep, and you’re looking for a quick and accessible consult.

WhatsApp consulting over text (using text and voice notes) for per-word pronunciation checks and IPA checks. This is perfect for performers or teachers who need some expert ears to check their French and provide quick fixes, or a consult about a translation query.

Video consulting: you send a <5 min video of you speaking/singing a song, and receive a <5 min video with feedback and corrections.

Group Services

I offer both language workshops and performance workshops online, for groups of academic students, teachers or private studios.

Please get in touch so we can talk about what you’re looking for!