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Please take the time to read this whole page, which describes all the ways in which we will work together. It covers what you agree, and what I agree. At the bottom of the page is the place to sign up using ThriveCart, the software we use for processing payments. By completing your first payment, you agree to the terms and conditions on this page.

Table of Contents

Kea Studio Members: The Heart of the Voice Studio Community

We work together to build whole, confident voices, staying true to each member’s individual curiosities and needs. Our regular connection through weekly coaching sessions means that you can make progress from week to week, keeping your voice as a top priority in your life. We adapt our work to your needs, lifestyle, and learning styles – creating bespoke resources and communications that work for you.

In a nutshell:
  • Live weekly* individualised coaching sessions on Zoom
  • Video and audio messages, text support between live sessions
  • The Voice Studio Library of resources – worksheets, vocal exercises, bite-sized learning
  • Three group “Studio Class” sessions a year
  • Quarterly themed Karaoke/Performance Parties
  • Studio membership 12 months renewable
  • Equal monthly payments of 333€

*weekly except when it’s not – don’t worry we do take breaks!

Kea Student

Kea (Nestor Notabilis) are a rare bird found only in New Zealand, in the Southern Alps. They are particularly known for their curiosity and intelligence, necessary for their survival in their challenging and ever-changing alpine habitat. Kea thrive in a community environment with other birds, and will work together to achieve a certain objective. They are social birds, whose love of new things and endless curiosity gives them a memorable reputation with tourists and locals alike.

Our Studio Values

Our whole selves: You’re not just a singer, and I, Georgia, am not just a coach. We share the other parts of our lives we wish to, and we acknowledge how other parts of our lives affect and participate in and benefit from our singing.

Kindness: We are kind to each other, and especially to ourselves.

Joy: We sing because it brings us joy. We play, we have fun, and this helps our learning.

Honesty: We communicate honestly with each other, and we do our best to be honest with ourselves.

Diversity: We all have wonderful, unique, backgrounds and lives, and all diversity is welcome here. BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neuro-diverse, and singers with disabilities are welcome and celebrated.

Learning Together: We’re all learning, and we’re allowed to make mistakes, admit that we don’t know the answer, and fail. We learn from each other.

Safety: We strive to make sure the studio is a safe space, where you can be yourself, experiment, fail, succeed, and enjoy learning.

Professional Committment

Georgia’s ongoing professional development is an important part of her, and your, learning.

She is an active member and the Learner Liaison of The Speakeasy Cooperative®. As part of her role, she hosts training workshops with voice professionals from across the world twice a month, and regularly consult with colleagues for advice. She is committed to adhering to their professional code of conduct:

Georgia is also a member of the Association Française de Professeurs de Chant (The French Singing Teachers Association) and is committed to their code of conduct.


Working with other Voice Professionals

Please let me know if you are interested in working with another voice professional (teachers, ENT/speech-language pathologists, coaches). I have an open studio policy, and you are, of course, welcome to work with other practitioners – sometimes I even recommend it! I encourage using a wide range of resources to support your voice and work towards your goals. However, it really helps my ability to guide you in your goals if I know the full picture of what you’re doing with your voice.

It’s important for your voice that there is continuity in your learning. Most voice professionals have a professional code that they don’t work with another person’s client without their knowledge. My preference is that if you are working with another voice professional at all, that I am able to be in communication with them. For us to do so, you need to communicate your permission to do so with each of us.

Ways we will work together

Being a part of GL Voice is about having a space and the tools to work towards your singing goals, whatever they are (and Georgia can help you work them out if you’re unsure). We work together in several different ways in the Studio:
Time Together:
Time together is scheduled in advance to respect everyone’s schedules. If either of us know we can’t make it to a pre-agreed scheduled time together, we will switch to a different way of working together that week.
In Our Own Time:
As agreed week-on-week, we will communicate and work together using predetermined forms of communication and media. We will agree at the time what the expected/appropriate response time is from each of us.

How we communicate

We agree that we will communicate when it suits our schedule and time, but that there is no obligation to reply or respond at the time we receive a message (if an urgent response is needed this will be asked for). E.g. Georgia might reply to a text at 6am because that’s when she could respond, but that doesn’t mean she expects you to read it or reply at that time! She also doesn’t mind if you reply to her at 11pm.

When we will work together

40 Weeks Open

We’ll work together across at least 36 weeks of the 40 weeks open over the next 12 months. (See 4 Off Weeks below). You’ll get a copy of the Studio Calendar so you know which weeks the studio is open.

4 Off Weeks

Four “OFF weeks” are built into the schedule. These are for when you or Georgia are completely unable to work on your singing goals, due to serious illness (can’t get out of bed) or unpredictable big life stuff. If we’re lucky enough to not need to use them, then we’ll get up to 40 weeks together! Note that OFF weeks will not be used for holidays, calendar clashes or minor illnesses.


Cancellations of live times together will either be:

  • In advance (such as holidays), and we will plan around them so you can still work towards your goals.
  • Last minute, but we can pivot to working in a different way (or you can choose to rest)
  • Last minute, and we can’t work in a different way because of serious illness or unpredictable big life stuff, so we will use the OFF weeks.

We will not reschedule cancelled live times together. It will be possible to participate in group live times through pre-recorded video and watching the recording afterwards, if you are unable to attend at the last minute.

Your studio community

Studio Classes:

We have three studio classes a year (February, June, October), currently on Sunday afternoons, 15:00-16:30 Paris time.


Studio classes are to workshop songs you’re working on, to discuss challenges you’re facing, to catch up and chat and support each other in your singing.


Karaoke Parties:

2024 Karaoke Party Dates: Thursdays, 19:30-21:00 Paris Time

🎬 🎞 Film/TV: 14 March
🎟🎭 Musical Theatre: 6 June
🏰🐭 Disney: 3 October
🎄✨ Christmas: 5 December

Karaoke Parties are for performing for each other and friends and family, in a fun, light-hearted environment where everyone gets to join in.

Payment Terms & Conditions

The total cost of this 12-month contract will be split into 12 equal monthly payments. Your first payment is made here today, and subsequent payments will be sent by bank transfer, starting in one month from today. 

You are committing to at least six months of studio membership, and by agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to pay the full amount owed.

To cancel your contract after six months, you will need to give three months notice. Payment will be due for the three months notice. At the end of this notice, your access to the studio resources will be removed. It will not be possible to be refunded or to cancel payments during the period of the contract.

In the (unlikely) event the studio needs to cancel your contract, we will reach an agreement based on the circumstances that both parties consider fair.

Privacy & Intellection Property

What you can expect from the studio

Your lessons are private, between Georgia and you. Georgia will only share specific details of your lessons with other singing teachers in her professional network with your permission and only if she needs some professional guidance, or because it will help your learning.

Sometimes, Georgia needs to know things from you that fall under the definition of “sensitive” data. For example, it is important for her to know details about any health issues that may affect your voice. This is, of course, confidential.

Georgia will not record or take photos of students, without explicit permission for a specific reason and use. The exception is group classes/concerts, for which recordings are only shared with the studio members, unless otherwise agreed.

All of your data that the studio collects through forms and such is only used to ensure your experience at my studio goes smoothly. The studio is careful to use only third-party providers (such as Calendly for booking, Thrivecart & Stripe for payment, Karlia for invoices, and MailerLite for emails) who have strong privacy policies that adhere to EU privacy laws.

What the studio expects from you

All content provided in the various studio Padlets is the intellectual property of Georgia Aussenac. It cannot be downloaded, reproduced, or shared without her explicit permission. You may copy content between Padlets after obtaining permission from Georgia. All of these are for your personal use only, and the studio trusts you not to share them with anyone else. This includes not uploading them online, without explicit permission.

You can read the studio privacy policy at

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