Vocal SOS

SOS for your voice

You use your voice every day for your work – in meetings, coaching calls, recording podcasts, teaching, clinic, presentations, public speaking…But are you taking care of it?

You know your voice is struggling with your workload.

You feel shame and embarrassment when your voice ‘craps out’ on you during your day.

Your voice sounds reedy, wispy, weak, to you. It is not able to convey your expertise, confidence and skill the way you would like.

This page is for you. I’ve got you. Welcome!

Vocal SOS: Work with me

Vocal SOS Coaching

A 1-to-1 coaching package for you to safeguard your most valuable asset: your voice!

If you have experienced vocal fatigue or ever worried about getting through your work day because of your voice, this is for you.

You’ll tell me about exactly what challenges you’re facing, and I’ll give you personalised, easy-to-implement strategies to get your voice feeling great again.


Vocal SOS Workshops

Book Georgia to teach a workshop on looking after your voice for your team or your business group programme.

We can tailor it to your specific needs: podcasting, presenting, content creation, coaching, consulting.

Let’s learn to take care of your voices! We’ll demystify the voice, what it loves and hates, and I’ll teach you some fun ways to look after it. Dancing and silliness may or may not be involved!

"I can trust my voice, and that's an important change. Empowering my voice and putting energy into it improves the impact of what I'm saying and I like having that available to me."

Free Tools and Resources

Not quite at the SOS stage yet? If you’re looking for some tools to try out by yourself, then start here:

Vocal SOS Playlist

Get your body moving and grooving, and hum, badaboop and sing your way through one of these songs daily to connect your voice and body.



Blog posts

"Reconnect with your voice, How to get back to singing, glvoice.fr" white and mint text on a bright purple background, with mint graphic scroll. Photos around the text box are of Georgia Aussenac singing: on the left she has her head turned to the side, eyes closed with deep emotion; on the right she is sitting cross-legged on the floor with her hands clasped around her knees, wearing a red woollen cardigan and jeans, singing and looking wistful."

Reconnect With Your Voice

Do you need to reconnect with your voice? Everyone has times when they are feeling a bit down with their singing. Maybe even to the point where you’ve stopped singing entirely. Sometimes that’s because of external factors (like a pandemic!) out of our control. Sometimes it’s directly related to a singing experience, perhaps something that resulted in a loss of confidence (like an unsuccessful audition). In the context of the

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Vocal Health: Advice From a Singing Teacher – Preventative Care

Vocal Health: Advice from a Singing Teacher Vocal health is a hot topic. Everyone wants to know the secrets to: not losing your voice not getting sick keeping singing while sick keeping your voice ‘in shape’ So I have decided to write a series of blog posts on the topic of vocal health, from the perspective of a singing teacher. I get asked these questions so often that it seems

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