Self Confidence through Singing

Self confidence through singing

Corinne started lessons with me in April 2018. She has grown hugely in her self confidence both as a singer as a person through her lessons. It has been a joy to watch her become more confident and feel comfortable asserting herself and feeling free to speak up and use her voice. She has been kind enough to share her story with me to share with you! Here it is:

Student testimony: Corinne

Georgia Aussenac standing together with her retiree students Sharon, Corinne and Ted, at outdoor music concert Rock U en Seine in 2019
Georgia with students Sharon, Corinne and Ted at Rock U en Seine 2019

“I met Georgia through Rock U, where I had joined a band. She gave a workshop there on “Vocal Health and the Five Pillars of Singing” which showed us some approaches to learning a song for performing. I really liked her approach to teaching the workshop, which included some theory – at an accessible level – and some examples, followed by exercises to try out the concepts.

I had only sung in a chorale before, but I decided to take private voice lessons in order to learn more technique and be better able to ‘own the stage’ when singing a song on my own. 

Georgia is a lovely person to work with, very encouraging, and she uses a lot of different techniques to work on weak spots, extend range and skills, and bolster confidence. 

My favourite song that we worked on is “Autumn” by Edgar Winter, which I learned ‘for myself’. It’s a song I love, and after really learning the score, I feel like I own it! I even rewrote the lyrics and sang it at a wedding celebration for the bride and groom – definitely a huge first for me!

Singing lessons have helped my self confidence in general and have encouraged me to adopt a ‘diva’ approach at times to make sure I voice my needs in group situations.”

- Corinne, July 2019

About the Author

Georgia Aussenac is a Voice Coach specialising in fostering confidence, joy and fun for adults looking to make singing a part of their lives.

Georgia also coaches English-speaking singers and voice teachers on French diction.

With a particular passion for everything vocal health, Georgia offers Vocal SOS coaching to anyone who uses their speaking voice professionally and is struggling to keep up with the demands of their job.

You can work with Georgia online from anywhere in the world, as long as your schedules match up!