Vocal SOS – Group Workshops

Vocal SOS Group Workshops

Help your team gain a clear understanding of what influences the voice, how to care for and protect your voice, and learn some fun and easy exercises for the days you need your voice to sound awesome.

Do you want to feel confident that your speaking voice has got your back?

"Wow, what a difference. I think of my voice as an asset that is available to me, and I can speak confidently knowing that my voice will be there and work for me."

The Vocal SOS Group Workshop is for you if:

  • You are a service-based business owner or
  • You are professional who uses your voice in your work and
  • You are struggling with your voice, and feel it can’t always reliably deliver what you need or
  • You realise that you take your voice for granted and don’t know how to care for it and
  • You want to feel confident and in control of how your voice feels and sounds
Georgia, a white woman in her 30s with long blonde hair is sitting on a bench in a park, leaning on the back rest with one arm and smiling directly at the camera.

"If you’re a voice teacher or person that speaks a lot daily, definitely make the investment in yourself to learn from Georgia what you can do to set yourself up for success and sustain and preserve your voice."

Hello, I'm Georgia

I’m a voice coach and all round geeky voice professional! I’ve been running my own business for seven years and counting.

I am passionate about guiding my clients to gain the skills and confidence to use their voices however they wish/choose/need!

My approach is kind, individual, and pragmatic. I am your biggest cheerleader!

Why you need this workshop:

You take it for granted that your voice will deliver what you need when you need it, which is great…until it’s not.

Your voice is a part of our body, and it gets affected by external influences, just like the rest of us. We put a lot of effort into looking after our bodies (or at least, we know how to when we want/need to!), but we generally ignore our voices and just hope for the best.

When your voice doesn’t sound great, you can lose confidence in yourself and it can interfere with your ability to do your best work:

  • Have you ever found yourself re-recording a video or podcast intro because you think you sounded a bit crap?
  • Have you ever noticed your voice sounding shaky, hoarse or weak during a presentation?

It’s so easy to make a difference if you have the knowledge of how to pay attention to what your voice is telling you and give it what it needs.

This workshop is designed to give you the basics for just that! Little changes with big impact, so you can feel confident your voice has got your back, no matter what your amazing work needs it to do.

"I can trust my voice, and that's an important change. Empowering my voice and putting energy into it improves the impact of what I'm saying and I like having that available to me."

Key points we will cover:

  • A brief overview of how the voice works
  • Fun and easy exercises to protect your voice day-to-day

  • How to care for your voice when it is struggling

  • How to reset your voice in the middle of the day

  • What to do when you get a cold

  • Ways to incorporate all of these things into your day, so that it doesn’t feel like a chore or yet another thing on your to do list.

The nuts and bolts

  • An online group workshop with Georgia
  • Presentation & Interactive Exercises & Q/A
  • Replay available for two weeks, so no worries if not every can make it live!
  • Cost: from 300€

"I would say that your own voice is an incredibly important part of you as an individual. Learning how to use it effectively and look after is liberating."

Client Testimonial: I can speak confidently, knowing that my voice will be there and work for me

"I had a history of hoarseness, with my voice becoming thin during meetings. I found out about Vocal SOS and was intrigued and thought it was worth a shot. I was a bit nervous as to what was involved going in to the first session! I was hoping to learn a few exercises that might help me to manage my voice but really didn't know what to expect. After learning about the voice and how its use is intrinsically linked to the whole body I was motivated and hopeful to try out the exercises and determined to give it a go. I was excited about the various methodologies to manage my voice during the day, including posture, reset exercises and focusing on energy to really lift myself and my voice. Now, I think of my voice as an asset that is available to me, and I can speak confidently, knowing that my voice will be there and work for me. Also it is important to look after your voice, treat it as a powerful tool to nurture."
Chris Taylor
Vocal SOS 1:1 Client