COVID-19 and Singing Risk Assessment Guide

COVID-19 and Singing Factors to consider when assessing the risk of in-person singing in the time of COVID-19 I believe strongly in people being able to make their own choices. Personally, for my studio, we aren’t singing in person. This is because the risk level is too high for me and my business, personally, based on the evidence, and the current situation where I live. Singing in person isn’t high […]

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"Reconnect with your voice, How to get back to singing," white and mint text on a bright purple background, with mint graphic scroll. Photos around the text box are of Georgia Aussenac singing: on the left she has her head turned to the side, eyes closed with deep emotion; on the right she is sitting cross-legged on the floor with her hands clasped around her knees, wearing a red woollen cardigan and jeans, singing and looking wistful."

Reconnect With Your Voice

Do you need to reconnect with your voice? Everyone has times when they are feeling a bit down with their singing. Maybe even to the point where you’ve stopped singing entirely. Sometimes that’s because of external factors (like a pandemic!) out of our control. Sometimes it’s directly related to a singing experience, perhaps something that resulted in a loss of confidence (like an unsuccessful audition). In the context of the […]

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Vocal Health: Advice From a Singing Teacher – Preventative Care

Vocal Health: Advice from a Singing Teacher Vocal health is a hot topic. Everyone wants to know the secrets to: not losing your voice not getting sick keeping singing while sick keeping your voice ‘in shape’ So I have decided to write a series of blog posts on the topic of vocal health, from the perspective of a singing teacher. I get asked these questions so often that it seems […]

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