"Reconnect with your voice, How to get back to singing, glvoice.fr" white and mint text on a bright purple background, with mint graphic scroll. Photos around the text box are of Georgia Aussenac singing: on the left she has her head turned to the side, eyes closed with deep emotion; on the right she is sitting cross-legged on the floor with her hands clasped around her knees, wearing a red woollen cardigan and jeans, singing and looking wistful."

Reconnect With Your Voice

Do you need to reconnect with your voice? Everyone has times when they are feeling a bit down with their singing. Maybe even to the point where you’ve stopped singing entirely. Sometimes that’s because of external factors (like a pandemic!) out of our control. Sometimes it’s directly related to a singing experience, perhaps something that resulted in a loss of confidence (like an unsuccessful audition). In the context of the […]

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Vocal Health: Advice From a Singing Teacher – Preventative Care

Vocal Health: Advice from a Singing Teacher Vocal health is a hot topic. Everyone wants to know the secrets to: not losing your voice not getting sick keeping singing while sick keeping your voice ‘in shape’ So I have decided to write a series of blog posts on the topic of vocal health, from the perspective of a singing teacher. I get asked these questions so often that it seems […]

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