"The whole story, my journey as a singer glvoice.fr" white and mint text over a bright purple background. Surrounding the text box are photos of Georgia at different ages: 1. 10 year old Georgia is standing in front of a group of adults, singing in to a handheld mic. 2. Georgia, a white woman in her 20s, is in a red gown and a fancy updo, singing on a stage with a black backdrop, looking polished; 3. Georgia is singing on her living room floor, looking wistful and raw; 4. Georgia is singing outdoors at a wedding holding a mic, looking emotional.

My Story

The Whole Story There’s nothing particularly remarkable about my story – I know many people who have experienced versions of the same beginnings.  I share my story here because I think it’s important to talk about the whole story, not just the highlights. We are whole people, whole singers, and we have complex stories. Everyone has their own singing story. This is mine. (Well, the edited-for-the-internet version). Part One: Growing […]

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Self Confidence through Singing

Corinne started lessons with me in April 2018. She has grown hugely in her self confidence both as a singer as a person through her lessons. It has been a joy to watch her become more confident and feel comfortable asserting herself and feeling free to speak up and use her voice. She has been kind enough to share her story with me to share with you! Here it is:

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